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Calvo-Martinez, Tomas Mariano Calvo-Martinez, Tomas Mariano - Doctor of Philosophy, Professor of Greek Philosophy at the Universidad Complutense (Madrid, Spain).

He was born on may the 22th, 1942, in Avila (Spain). He studied in Madrid where he obtained his Doctoral Degree (Universidad Complutense) in 1969. After being Fellow at the Center for Hellenic Studies (Harvard Univ.) in Washington D.C. (USA) he came back to Spain, to the University of Granada (1976) where he obtained a Chair on Philosophy in 1981. Finally he was appointed Professor at the Universidad Complutense (1995). He is specially interested in Greek Philosophy as well as in Contemporary Philosophical Movements.

Prof. Calvo-Martinez is Member of the Steering Committee of the "Federation international des societes de philosophie" / "International Federation of Philosophical Societies" (FISP), as well as President of the "Sociedad iberica de filosofia griega" (SIFG). He is also President of the "Institut international de philosophie" / "International Institute of Philosophy" (Paris) (IPS). He is the author of several books. He has published also many articles in different languages (spanish, english, french and italian).


Calvo Martinez, T. , Aristoteles. Acerca del alma.- Madrid: Gredos, 1978 (ISBN: 84-249-3518-7)
Calvo Martinez, T. , De los Sofistas a Platon: politica y pensamiento.- Madrid: Cincel, 1986 (ISBN: 84-7046-424-8)
Calvo Martinez, T. , Aristoteles. Metafisica, Introduccion, Traduccion y Notas.- Madrid: Gredos, 1994 (ISBN: 84-249-1666-2)
Calvo Martinez, T. , Aristoteles y el aristotelismo.- Madrid. Akal, 1996 (ISBN: 84-460-0628-6)
Calvo Martinez, T. - Acero, J. (eds.), Symposium Quine.- Granada, Universidad de Granada, 1987 (ISBN: 84-338-0581-9)
Calvo Martinez, T.- Avila Crespo, R.(eds.) , Paul Ricoeur: Los caminos de la interpretacion.- Barcelona: Anthropos, 1991 (ISBN: 84-7658-315-X)
Calvo Martinez, T.- Brisson, L. (eds.) Interpreting the Timaeus and the Critias. (Selected Papers from the IV Symposium Platonicum).- Sankt Augustin: Academia Verlag, 1997 (ISBN: 3-89665-004-1)


Calvo Martinez, T.-Navarro, J.M., Historia de la Filosofia.- Madrid: Anaya,1978 (ISBN: 84-207-1359-7) y 1986 (ISBN: 84-207-2985-X), 551 pp. (Portuguese translation = Historia da Filosofia. Os filosofos. Os Textos.- Lisboa, Edicoes 70,1984)
Calvo Martinez, T.-Navarro, J.M., Filosofia.- Madrid: Anaya, 1988 (ISBN: 84-207-2986-8), 303 pp.
Calvo Martinez, T.-Navarro, J.M., Textos Filosoficos. Madrid, Anaya, 1982 (ISBN: 84-207-2260-X), 824 pp.

Address:Facultad de Filosofia.- Ciudad Universitaria.- 28040-Madrid.- Spain
e-mail: tcalvo@filos.ucm.es

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